In-Person Worship Now Open




  • Worship Service time returns to 9:30am beginning next Sunday, November 1.

  • 20 spots for in-person worship will be open inside the Church on a first-come first-serve basis with overflow into Parish Hall and Courtyard.  Masks will be required, but singing will be allowed.  No reservation necessary.  

  • Live Stream on YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom will continue indefinitely. 

  • Holy Communion will now be the liturgy most Sundays (Morning Prayer one Sunday per month) with Drive-Thru Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month or by request. 


With Stanislaus County moving to the red tier allowing 25% capacity in places of worship, beginning Sunday, November 1, we will be opening up the nave of the Church for increased attendance.  


Increased Nave Seating

Our Vestry has determined we can safely seat 20 parties of 1-4 people from the same household in the nave, with masks required but singing allowed.  Seating will be on a first-come first-serve basis and it will not be necessary to make a reservation.  Once the 20 spots are filled, overflow of additional attendees will be directed to sit in the Parish Hall or Courtyard where both audio and video of the service will continue to be shown.  Attendees in the nave should be aware that as many as 5 different individuals with roles serving in worship may have masks off at different points in the service.  Therefore, electing to sit in the Parish Hall or the Courtyard may be safer for those with increased health concerns who want to attend in-person.  Additionally, we intend to continue our live stream of the worship service indefinitely over YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom (audio only).  So please do not return to in-person worship until you deem it safe and wise to do so.  


Returning to 9:30 am Service Time 

Along with these changes, we will also be returning to our pre-COVID service time.  Our worship will begin at 9:30am beginning November 1.  We will also begin using the Holy Communion liturgy most Sundays, with Morning Prayer only one Sunday per month.  For those attending remotely, Drive-Thru Holy Communion will be available on the First Sunday of each month or by request.  While road construction continues on First Ave, those receiving Drive Thru Communion will be invited to wait in a parking space in the parking lot.  A map with detour directions for accessing the parking lot has also been included below.   


Things Could Change Again

While Stanislaus County is in the Red (Second) Tier for now, multiple counties in the state have entered this tier only to have their COVID numbers spike again and be moved back to the First Tier.  If this happens, we will be required to move back to the arrangement we’ve had for the past two months, with only ten persons allowed in the Nave and Parish Hall.  However, we intend to continue with the 9:30 service time regardless of which Tier we are in.  

Thank you all for your understanding during these challenging times, for doing your part for the common good, and for continuing to seek to live peaceful and quiet lives, godly and dignified in every way (1 Tim 2:2). 

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