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"Worshipping Jesus Christ, Living in His Truth, & Blessing others in His Name."

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St. Matthias 

Saint Matthias 

St Matthias 

St. Matthias Anglican 

Saint Matthias Anglican 

St Matthias Anglican 

St. Matthias Episcopal

Saint Matthias Episcopal

St Matthias Episcopal

Oakdale CA Church

Oakdale Churches

Oakdale CA Churches

Oakdale, California




San Joaquin

Modesto Episcopal

Escalon Episcopal

Modesto Anglican

Oakdale Anglican

Escalon Anglican 

Riverbank Episcopal

Riverbank Anglican


Ash Wednesday

Shrove Tuesday

Christmas Eve






St. Matthias Saint Matthias  St Matthias  St. Matthias Anglican Saint Matthias Anglican St Matthias Anglican  St. Matthias Episcopal Saint Matthias Episcopal  St Matthias Episcopal







 Are you looking for a church home in Oakdale?  
Here is what makes us unique...

1. We Are Liturgical


Our goal is not entertainment, but discipleship.  Therefore our worship is done through the historic liturgical style, which is rooted in Holy Scripture and dates back to the first few centuries of Christianity. 

2. We Celebrate Holy Communion Every Sunday


Holy Communion certainly allows us to recall Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us 2,000 years ago, but we believe Holy Communion is a much greater gift than that!  Beyond a mere remembrance, we believe that something mysterious happens at Holy Communion whereby Christ makes himself present in a tangible way through the consecrated elements of bread and wine. Accordingly, we can find no reason to neglect this gift on any Sunday when we gather as a body.

At Saint Matthias we firmly uphold the Authority of Scripture while recognizing that sound scriptural interpretation usually requires a more nuanced and reasoned approach than the always-literal reading often taken by Fundamentalist Christianity. Sadly, the narrative that believers must choose between the Bible and science has become dominant in evangelical Christianity.  But this is a false choice that you will not be asked to make at Saint Matthias.   

4. We Are Non-Partisan


5. We Are Under Authority

While the political realm is not insignificant, our King is Jesus.  Thus, at Saint Matthias you will be encouraged to place your ultimate Hope in Him over and above any political party or ideology.

Theologically, we are submitted to the authority of the "one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church" by affirming both the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds in their entirety.   Additionally, our leadership functions under authority by being accountable to our Diocesan Bishop, who himself is accountable to the College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America.

3. We Aren't Fundamentalist, But We Aren't Liberal Either

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