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What is a Kairos Group?

Kairos Group is a nine month discipleship group led by Fr John, modelled after the principles of Gravity Leadership.  

  • In this group, we will learn to pay attention to how God is at work in and through our lives and participate more deeply in the life God shares with us.

  • The aim of a Kairos Group is to take you beyond what you know and what you do to who you are.

  • A Kairos Group is different from other kinds of groups many have participated in before (Bible studies, Life Groups, etc.) It isn’t a class where you only listen and take notes. It isn’t a discussion group where everyone weighs in with what they think. It isn’t a place where we share good advice or offer counseling.

  • We will be learning to hear God speak our identity to us again and again, in all kinds of situations (including putting our kids to bed at night, helping our spouses through a difficult time, being a good neighbor, dealing with conflict at work, etc.).

  • We will uncover “bad news” scripts that run our lives and replace them with good news (the gospel) that God is proclaiming over us even now.

  • The beginning place for discipleship (and each Kairos Group conversation) is noticing and naming “Kairos moments.” A Kairos moment is a “noticing” of our internal state (very similar to mindfulness). It’s noticing and naming a feeling, a thought, or a story that I’m telling myself concerning the things that are happening in my life.  Learning to notice and name these moments, rather than simply react to them as if they are true, is a foundational practice for discipleship in a Kairos group, because we trust that God is at work in the midst of this kind of awareness, leading us into life.

A Kairos Group is structured in three parts

The group consists of three modules, each lasting 9-12 weeks  

What to expect at a meeting

  • Groups meet every week for 9-12 weeks (depending on the module), except holidays.

  • The weekly meeting time will be chosen at a day & time that works for everyone

  • Meetings can be attended in person or via zoom

  • Everyone comes to each meeting ready to share a “Kairos”: whatever is grabbing your attention from the assigned reading / exercise and how it relates to your life.

  • Everyone cultivates an environment of emotional safety and confidentiality.

  • We honor one another by listening to each other with compassion and curiosity, rather than judgment, evaluation, or advice.

  • What gets said in a Kairos Group stays in a Kairos Group; unless you have specific permission otherwise.

There is currently a Kairos Group ongoing. 
The next Kairos Group will likely launch in late Spring of 2024.

Speak with Fr John if you are interested in participating.

Kairos Group  

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