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St. Matthias 

Saint Matthias 

St Matthias 

St. Matthias Anglican 

Saint Matthias Anglican 

St Matthias Anglican 

St. Matthias Episcopal

Saint Matthias Episcopal

St Matthias Episcopal

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Oakdale CA Churches

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St. Matthias Saint Matthias  St Matthias  St. Matthias Anglican Saint Matthias Anglican St Matthias Anglican  St. Matthias Episcopal Saint Matthias Episcopal  St Matthias Episcopal





Can my children receive Holy Communion?   

All children who have received a Christian baptism (in the Name of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit) are welcome to receive Holy Communion.  We invite the parents or guardian of baptized children to consult with the priest about as they seek to determine the best age for their child to begin to do receive.   


Children who are not yet baptized are welcome to come up to the altar rail at Communion and receive a blessing. 

Saint Matti's for Kids

Ages 0-2 

We invite parents to keep children ages 0-2 with them during the Sunday Service.  We do not expect these children to be completely silent.  However, if the child gets upset or restless, there is a cry room available in the back of the Church with a speaker system that provides the full audio of the service, so parents can still follow along.   


Ages 3-6 

Children ages 3-6 may begin the service at Sunday School next door in our Parish Hall.  Sunday School activities include a Bible Story, singing, crafts, and snack.  Before the service arrives at communion, the children are returned to their families for the rest of the service.   


Ages 7-11 

At Saint Matthias we want our kids to feel as involved in the service as possible.  Therefore, by 6 or 7 we want to give them opportunity to have a role in the service as Torchbearers and Bannerbearers.  There is no schedule, but any Sunday a child wants to serve they are invited to robe and carry a torch or the banner, leading the other ministers as they process at the beginning and end of the service, as well as at the reading of the Gospel.  


Additionally, children of this age are also invited to Sunday School, where they can assist the teachers with the younger children while learning about the Lord themselves.  


Ages 12 & up 

Kids ages 12 & up are invited to remain in the service.  They are invited to serve as Torchbearers or Bannerbearers, but also in the more involved role of Lay Eucharistic Ministers (some training required).  


Teenagers are also welcome to assist Sunday School teachers with younger children.