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How to have groceries delivered  with Instacart 

Instacart is a website you can visit or an app that you can download on your phone for free. With instacart, you can shop online and get groceries delivered from stores in your neighborhood in as fast as 1 hour.  


Once you download the app, you open it and type in your zip code. It will then show you stores in your area that you can get groceries/necessities delivered from. You can watch the video on this page (or click here) for very thorough instructions on how to download the app and use it. 

Groceries are the same prices as they are when you shop in the store, however there is anywhere from a $10-$15 service fee added to your order each time you use it. This pays the person that's shopping for you and driving the groceries to your house. 


If you click on this link when first downloading the app, it will give you $10 off your first order:


If you decide to use this service, you don’t have to tip, their pay is accounted for when you pay. Also, you can instruct the person delivering the groceries to drop off on your porch if you would like to limit your interactions with people right now.

This guide was put together by St Matthias parishioner Heather Crooker.

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